Located in Lynchburg, VA!

Located in Lynchburg, VA!

About Us

Quality from Square One


You can count on us to make sure every cup is done right, all the way from bean to brewing. Our beans are sourced to be fair-trade, meaning that every sip you take helps employ someone overseas. Plus, our drinks are just tasty, and good for you too! 

Who are we?


I was born in raised in Central Virginia, and have fallen as in love with its hills as I have with coffee. We're just starting out, but strive to create the premiere food truck the area has to offer by doing what we do best- making coffees, smoothies, baked goods, and smiles. 

Our Mission for Our Home


We want to reach our community for good, and truly believe that today, there is no better way to connect with someone than through a conversation over their favorite beverage. So, every month, we will find a spot in downtown Lynchburg, and change the way our business operates completely. We will string lights up around the truck, invite local musicians to play, and give out everything we have on a donation-only basis. That way, everyone, whether they can afford the drink they love or not, can sit back with their friends and neighbors and enjoy an evening of music and relaxation. We truly believe that this will help bring the community together, and put smiles on the face of everyone who joins us. 

Good beans, Big dream

This truck in my hometown is the first steps toward a lifelong dream of putting coffeehouses all around the world, all benefiting the local economy and spreading warmth and smiles to every customer, whether they can afford a cup every day, or only buy a drink on the night when they are able to get one for free. We are devoted to supporting local musicians, artists, and businesses wherever we go, and never losing sight of our mission. Someday, we hope to offer drinks and goods to those unable to pay each and every day, so they can sit down with dignity in a premiere coffeehouse and connect with all the people around them, never knowing if they payed or not.


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About Catering

We are a self-sustainable, totally mobile coffee bar. So, if you’re throwing a party in the middle of a field, getting married on the beach, or need something to keep people awake at your next conference, reach out to us! Prices are completely dependent on the number of people at your event and the duration of time we will be there, so just shoot us an email and we’ll figure it out! 

PS- there is no minimum order size, but as a general rule, we’re best suited for events of 30+

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